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To see the South China Sea tensions from where I sit, an emerging regional power is flexing its muscles by making increasingly bold gestures over dubious territorial claims. Those muscles…

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I’ve just returned from a week-long trip to Chengdu for a final consultation with an NGO operated by a friend who I first met during my M.Ed research in the…

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I’ve been struggling to make sense of what I see as the central contradiction of the ‘Xi’s Era’ – his focus, if not obsession, with ideology and ideological discipline. Let…

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China Politics The Anti-Cosmopolitan Moment Umbrella Movement

Where to begin? Maybe with the end of the night – which was now 7 am – sitting outside McDonalds about a mile from the ongoing riot. Sitting with a…

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Politics The Anti-Cosmopolitan Moment Umbrella Movement

Let me start by saying that we don’t know a lot about what happened. Of course, I am appalled as everyone else with a moral conscious about the kidnappings. But…

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This is Part IV of Hong Kong and the Anti-Cosmopolitan Moment, a response to Ivan Krastev’s Why Did the ‘Twitter Revolutions’ Fail?  Where Krastev is weakest is explaining the origins of…

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The Anti-Cosmopolitan Moment Umbrella Movement