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This website is a long-term experimental platform by Trey Menefee (@SlackerScholar on Twitter) that grew out of a smaller blog. I believe comparative and international education specialists have timely information to share in our new “social” world. I’ve not seen a lot of examples of us doing it, though (NORRAG is a great exception). Our journals are important but we need to start putting ourselves into the conversation. I think this is one way of doing it. I am quite open to collaboration with others in the field on this project.

I feel too much of this blog has been about Asia-Pacific and American politics, and thus is getting away from my original intent. Consequently, I’ve recently accepted an invitation to write my policy analysis pieces for The Observers. I’ll link to those articles from here, and perhaps provide summaries, but I’d like to transform this back into an academic blog.


About Trey

I’m a China watcher and news junkie masquerading as a social scientist – or perhaps its the other way around. I chose comparative education as my academic field because it was a practical field of study that swims in rich theory from other fields. When we do our job well we do a little bit of everything. You’ll see me focusing on three countries here quite a bit: the Philippines, the United States, and China. I’m an American married into a Filipino family (and doing my doctoral field research in the Philippines) who lived in China for four years (and did my master’s research in China).

After leaving university I became a teacher. I taught  history and American government to special needs high school students in Jacksonville, Florida for a year. After that, I began a four year odyssey in mainland China as a waijiao (a foreign teacher), mostly in Shenzhen. There, I worked mostly with adults in English training centers and college students at Shenzhen Polytechnic. I worked in government primary schools when I first arrived, with the youngest being 3rd graders. I think I’ve taught nearly every age group in almost every classroom setting.

I’m now wrapping up my PhD at the University of Hong Kong and mostly work at home from Lamma Island. 

You can view my CV here.


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