CIES 2013

I’ll be posting a paper to go with my talk here soon. You can download a PDF of the Powerpoint I used here.

If you’re looking for citations or exploring these ideas more, what follows serves as a bibliography. My framing of complexity and fitness landscapes comes mostly from the work of Scott Page. I recommend:

I came to complexity through Stephen Lansing’s work on Balinese irrigation networks.  See Perfect Order: Recognizing Complexity in Bali. Both Scott Page and Stephen Lansing worked at the Santa Fe Institute, which I think is worth taking a look at. Sante Fe is also offering a MOOC on complexity: Introduction to Complexity.

My framework of resilience comes from the Resilience Alliance and the Stockholm Resilience Centre. Some good starting points for learning more about resilience and adaptive capacity:

The argument about the “Diversity Bonus” also comes from Scott Page. I recommend this UVA keynote he delivered summarizing his research as a starting point. The New York Times has also written about it. He has two books on diversity, The Difference and Diversity and Complexity. The arguments I made mostly come from The Difference. A more rigorous treatment can be found in his PNAS publication “Groups of diverse problem solvers can outperform groups of high-ability problem solvers“, written with Lu Hong, which There’s also a video course The Hidden Factor, which covered the same issues.  

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